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La Gattara Cat Lounge & Boutique is a relaxing place to hang out with some cool cats, play cards, cats, listen to music, cats, read books, cats, play a board game, cats, paint a cat, cats and yoga with cats! Did I mention hang out with cats?


Cat cafes originated in Taiwan, with the first cafe opening in 1998. Japan quickly picked up the concept as well due to their small living conditions not allowing most people to have pets. The trend spread throughout Asia and Europe and eventually made its way to the U.S. and into our hearts.


  • The cats well being is our number one priority. Be gentle. Be kind. Be Calm and always Be Respectful of the cats at all times.

  • Cats will be cats, please read the signs posted on the cafe walls to ensure a happy visit, a happy kitty and a happy human.

  • Cats eat cat food. People eat people food. DO NOT feed the cats people food.

  • Please don’t wake a sleeping cat. They need their beauty sleep just as much as we need ours.

  • Please don’t pick up the cats. They will crawl on your lap if and when they prefer to.

  • Please take tons of pictures and videos of the cats, but please don’t use a flash. Cats hate flash photography.

  • La Gattara is a fun and interactive cat lounge. Please keep voices calm to insure a peaceful environment for the cats and humans.