August 20, 2019

Dear Bunny,

One year ago today I took you in as a 4 week old kitten that was dumped at a petsmart with your brother. The plan was to foster you for a few months until you were ready for adoption. But… that was not what the cat gods had in mind.

I have so much love for you it hurts. It’s scary. You trust me. You yell at me. Oh so many baths were given. I remember taking you the first week to the emergency vet. They left us in the room for over 4 hours, I don’t think they knew what to think of you. I sang over and over for those long 4 hours when I wasn’t sure you would live or not, My favorite Things by Julie Andrews. Every so often someone would walk by and give me a “oh she’s crazy look”. The entire time, you were so sick, in so much pain, but purred and wanted to be as close to me as you could.

You, Bunny, are a superhero. You are an inspiration to so many people. Months and months of doctors appointments and uncertainly, you are strong, you are brave, and perfect. We love you, I will be crazy, singing Julie Andrews My favorite things for you for another thousand years.

Today I officially signed your adoption paperwork with our rescue Peace Love And Meow Cat Rescue. Bunny Pie, I didn’t rescue you, you rescued me.

Your furrever mamma!


Friends of Bunny! You are all amazing. I will tell you, Bunny was not easy! If you’ve been around her long enough, you know she has that Siamese sass! But then if you stay just a little longer and get to know her, she will show you how much love she has. And you’ll never be the same again. All the love and support you have given me and Bunny over the last year, is overwhelming.

Bunny has so many friends, but she and I want Dr. Nelson Scottsdale Cat Clinic to know how much your compassion and support you gave Bunny along in the beginning was something we will never forget. And Dr. Kimmel and all the staff at Quail Crossing Animal Hospital. You guys have something there that is so special. Dr. Kimmel and every single person there has so much compassion and is just genuine. Bunny will be able to have such a great life because of you!

Bunny had two friends this year that that loved her so much, that were her biggest fans. Both of you ladies were strong and amazing and made so much difference in the world! CatMom CatLandia and Nikki Morales you are forever in our hearts.

Grant Chastain Thank you for loving Bunny the way you do.

Happy Birthday Bunny! Here’s a little video of Bun Bun’s journey! There is a small pause towards the end, but it’s not over

Peace Love & Meow!

Hi friends!! Bunny and her sibling were dumped at a Phoenix petsmart last week. One of the employees at the petsmart decided to keep Bunnies sibling. I was contacted through the La Gattara Facebook about taking in Bunny in and fostering her. Bunny has a birth deformity and can’t use her back legs. I was told they took her to the vet at Petsmart and she was given X-rays and that everything looked ok and she would be able to live a good life with some accommodations. I picked Bunny up on Monday and she’s been great. Eating great,using her paper litter,playing a ton!! She’s a spunky girl full of energy. Today she had a pretty rough day. I can tell her legs back part of her body are really hurting her. I’ve stayed up with her all night and plan to take her to the vet first thing in the am. She was dragging her legs and now she doesn’t want to put pressure on them at all and is trying to walk only on her front legs. Rescues are packed full and definitely can’t afford to take in this kitty and pay the medical bills she will have. But, she’s an amazing soul that deserves a chance. She’s a fighter. I have. I idea how much this vet visit will be, but I do know I’m barely able to cover my own bills at this time. I will do what ever it takes to get this sweet girl the best chance at life! Please help if you can! I’ll be updating this all day with all info from the vet! Thank you so much for all the love you’ve already given Bunny!! I’m setting the goal for $1000 right now, and will change it if we find that she needs surgery or more.

Bunny Update!
Bunny is currently at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic under careful watch of The awesome Dr. Nelson. They gave her pain medicine this morning and she is comfortable and eating. They are doing X-rays and blood-work. Once all the results are in, we will find out the options and a treatment plan.

I’m overwhelmed by the love this La Gattara Community has for cats and what you’ve done for Bunny today!! In just a few short hours you all gave enough to cover her
current bill (photo attached).

I know where my heart is and I know you all that love and support me and the cats also do: But because there has been some concern:

If you follow La Gattara, The Kitty Whisperer or me personally you know that cats are my world. I foster as much as I can. I’m extremely grateful to foster for and partner at La Gattara with an amazing rescue. The rescue provides all the vet care and any support I need for my personal fosters. They also provide support for all the cats that are at the cat lounge and their foster mom or dad. This year as been especially hard and overwhelming in the rescue world and rescues are on intake freezes. That leaves me personally responsible for any fosters I take in at the moment. Which is just Bunny at the time as my 7 kittens and 4 adult fosters from the last two- three months are officially at the cat lounge for adoption! I have and will spend my last dime on Cat care. A cat will eat before I will eat.

Bunny needs lots of love and special care. Which is why I asked for help with her. Asking for help is something I take seriously. I’m not sure the count of cats and kittens I’ve fostered this year, a lot fostered with backing from a rescue, and a lot on my own. That’s what I do. That’s what makes me happy. That’s where my money goes. To the cats. Always has. Always will.
I’m so incredibly blessed to have such amazing support from all of you in my mission to save all the cats!!

All my love! And Bunnys!

It’s is 11:37pm! Bunny & I are just getting home from this long day! And we are both exhausted! Bunny is feeling good on some pain Meds. I will hopefully have lots more information tomorrow and more updates as it all still in the question, tests and X-ray zone. So today she was at Scottsdale Cat Clinic from 9am – about 545. She tested negative for pan-luk and negative for fiv/felv and her blood panels came back as a healthy purrfect kitten! Dr. Nelson who is seriously amazing and the team there tried to get all the X-rays they could on her, but it hurt her too much to be able to get all the areas they wanted. So I was sent to the VCA emergency clinic and we just got home from there. We will be going back in the morning to meet the surgeon, who is doing a CT scan and a consult on what the next step is. What the doctors are saying without having all the info yet that they want is they aren’t sure what all is affected. Is her spine affected? Does she need amputation, what will her quality of life be? Will she always be in pain? These are the questions they hope to have the answers to tomorrow when all the results and X-rays are done. They talked about why this came on so fast. Kittens Joints and bones grow so fast with her leg deformity they might have started growing every which way, and that is causing pain. I’ve attached a estimate of what they plan to start on tomorrow, if she needs surgery there will be another estimate. Bunny did not hurt her self. She’s just growing and things are shifting and I will fight right next to her and all of you to get her to her best life! So we need a big push to get these doctors paid to get her to that best life! Please continue to share and I’ll do as many updates as I can. Thank you all for standing with me and Bunny!!

Peace Love & Meow!


Missy & Bunny here with an update! Whewww long day! We didn’t get much sleep last night and headed strait to see the veterinarian this morning. We thought we were going to see the surgeon, but we did not. Will will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for that. Bunny has diarrhea pretty bad and is now on Meds for that, so we need her give her little butt time to heal and not hurt to do the more extensive X-rays. So our goal for the weekend is to keep her pain level low, make sure she’s eating, and keeping her clean and dry. Most importantly, I have to make sure she’s not chewing / licking her leg areas. The doctors have concerns that she will try to chew her legs off. They also need her to not be moving around too much. So I’ve been keeping her wrapped up like a purrito in warm blankets.

Bunny is doing good today, her little butt is getting a lot better and not as swollen from the diarrhea. The medicine is definitely helping and doing its job. She’s getting a few baths a day just to keep clean and dry. And she’s eating very good today. We just played a little. The doctors don’t want her moving around too much but we played just a little tonight. I’m very excited to be going to see the specialist tomorrow at 1:30! Dr. Nelson at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic has talking with Dr. Ford at Blue Pearl veterinary hospital and we are excited to get some answers on what’s the best life for sweet Bunny!

Thank you for all the love!!

We just saw Dr. Ford. Seriously I’m in awe of her. She’s amazing. She loves cats. She is going to give Bunny the best care!! Bunny is scheduled to come back on Thursday to get extensive X-rays with the surgeon. Bunny will be sedated for this. And while they are doing this if a surgical procedure is needed, they will be able to do it at the same time. That way Bunny doesn’t have to go through the sedation more than needed. Thank you so much for the love and support you have given to Bunny and me!!

This is a long update! But I just took what was in Bunny’s chart and copied it here. It’s a lot to take in. But all good news for Bunny considering. At this point I need to decide if staying with me for the next 6 months is the best or seeing if she would be better to find her furrever home now. Or am I her furrever home? I’m just not sure. I want to do what ever is best for her. I do love this kid! Thank you everyone for loving this girl!! She’s such a love bug and full of energy!

1. Bilateral longitudinal shortening of pelvic limbs (shortening of both thigh and crus) 2. Bilateral crural torsion and tarsal laxity
3. Bilateral toe-nail agenesis and dysplasia
4. Possible agenesis (partial) of the tibias
5. Angular deformity of the tibia
Bunny has severe congenital developmental abnormalities in her pelvic limbs for which corrective surgery is not currently an option. Various options were discussed: benign monitoring, amputation(s), size-fitting for a cart and CT at ~6 months of age for better assessment of eventual surgical options. Euthanasia is not recommended but was discussed as a possible outcome if Bunny cannot achieve a good quality of life with her condition. For now we willis continue to monitor Bunny with oral buprenorphine PRN for comfort. I will review this case with our colleagues and if anyone has additional recommendations we will update you on the case.
We have called in a refill prescription for Buprenorphine 0.3 mg/ml suspension 0.1 ml buccal every 8-12 hours as needed for pain. After her diarrhea has resolved, I recommend trying to wean down this medication and monitoring for pain. A large portion of her pain appears related today to perineal irritation.
Physical Therapy and Low Impact Exercises: Bunny’s joint disease can result in a considerable amount of pain for her if she is overly active. If you notice that she develops lameness after activity you may have to be his “brain” for hera and limit her activity to keep her from hurting herself. High impact activities may result in further damage to her joints and pain. However, low impact exercises such as SWIMMING are very good for the joints. Also, physical therapy with an animal physical therapist may aid in management of Bunny’s joint disease by increasing muscle mass around the diseased joints.
I would recommend considering physical therapy, either at home or with a veterinary rehabilitation center. Things like hydrotherapy, land based balancing exercising, and passive range of motion may help keep the joints mobile and increase or maintain muscle strength. There are numerous physical
Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service-SC / Scottsdale ~
therapy options in the Valley (Midwestern University Veterinary Hospital, Arizona Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation, Integrative Pet Care, or 1st Pet Veterinary Center.

Joint Supplements: I would recommend maintaining a lean body condition, not allowing Bunny to become over weight, since this will help decrease pressure on her joints. A joint supplement may also benefit Bunny long-term. Please consider Cosequin for cats and use as directed on the label. Joint supplements can help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with Bunny’s joint disease. There are numerous different types of these joint supplements available for cats. Unfortunately, the USDA does not regulate over the counter supplements. Consequently, discrepancies are commonly reported regarding the actual amount of the supplement in the pill and the quality of the ingredients used is unknown. The most reliable joint supplement in dogs is called Cosequin. Cosequin contains a number of different supplements including glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and other beneficial ingredients. These ingredients provide the necessary building blocks for repair of cartilage and joint tissues.
In the future there may be a recommendations to obtain a wheelchair/cart for Bunny. Companies like Walkin’Pets, K9carts, Eddie’s Wheels for Pets, or other companies will have options for cat carts. I would initially like to see how she does with you longer and allow her more time to grow. However, if sores, wounds or pain are noted we may need to get a cart sooner.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. Thank you for your show of confidence in allowing us to provide your patients with the highest quality care we can provide.
Megan M. Schaible, DVM, DACVS Robert J. Newman, DVM, Surgical Intern Signature on file.”[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]